How do I sign up for the loyalty program?

Signing up is easy! 

Simply create an account and enter your name, email, and password. It’s free to join and you will automatically be signed up to Dream Club. If you currently have an account – you’ve already been enrolled in our rewards program so you can kick back, sign in, and start earning Bed Creds!

What are the advantages of becoming a Dream Club member?

Our loyalty program is a tiered program that allows members to earn more Bed Creds the more they shop. Members receive rewards points (Bed Creds) for each purchase, that can then be redeemed towards the cost of future purchases. 

You also earn Bed Creds for following us on Instagram or Tiktok, leaving a review, signing up to SMS, and even for having a birthday.  In addition to earning points, members have the chance to earn first access to new collections, member only sale events, and more. You can view the full list of perks on our Dream Club page.

What are Bed Creds?

Bed Creds are our name for the points you earn with every purchase.

How do Bed Creds convert to dollars?

Higher tiers in the Dream Club program earn more points at a quicker rate, but 100 Creds always = $10 dollars. 

For example, as an Early Riser, you will earn 1.25 Creds for every dollar you spend. When you move up to become a Deep Sleeper, you’ll earn 1.5 Creds for every dollar.

When do I get points for an order that includes an item on pre-order?

You’ll receive your well-earned Bed Creds once your order has been sent to you. Items on pre-order may take up to a few weeks to dispatch, but rest assured that once they do, the Bed Creds you earned on your purchase will be credited to your Dream Club account.

How do I redeem my Bed Creds at checkout?

To redeem your Bed Creds at checkout, use the dropdown menu directly above your cart total to choose the amount you would like to apply, then click the "APPLY" button. Make sure you’re logged in to your Dream Club account every time you checkout.

To start redeeming Bed Creds, you must have earned a minimum of 400 points. Once you reach this points balance, you can apply your Bed Creds to any purchase over a certain amount, which is determined by how many Bed Creds you have available to spend. Unfortunately, Creds cannot be redeemed at the same time as using a discount code.

Refer to the table below to see the minimum purchase required to redeem your rewards.

Point Amount Dollar Value Purchase Minimum
400 $40 $280
500 $50 $290
600 $60 $300
1000 $100 $350
1500 $150 $400

Is there a limit to how many Bed Creds I can earn?

Nope! That’s the best part about being a Dream Club member. You will always have an opportunity to earn more Bed Creds by shopping with us, engaging with the club and community online, and through seasonal sales.

Do my Bed Creds expire?

Bed Creds will expire after 12 months of rewards account inactivity.  This means that if there is no change to your rewards account balance (through either Bed Creds being earned or redeemed), all Bed Creds earned in the previous 12 months will automatically be removed from your account.

I used my Bed Creds on a recent purchase, but now I want to return the item. What will happen to my points?

If you use your rewards towards a purchase and later decide to return that item, your rewards will be credited back to your account.

How is my Dream Club tier determined?

Your Dream Club tier is determined by the amount you spend in the year following your entry into it. For example, if you cross the tier entry threshold on January 1, 2023, you will retain that tier until January 1, 2024.

To reach:

Napper: you must hold a minimum of 800 Creds. 

Early Riser: you must hold a minimum of 1200 Creds.

Deep Sleeper: you must hold a minimum of 1800 Creds.

How will I know when I have reached a new tier?

When your total Bed Creds cross a tier threshold you will receive an email welcoming you into the new tier.

How does the refer a friend program work?

Anyone can refer a friend – you don’t even need to be a Dream Club member yet. Simply enter your friend’s email, along with your details, and they’ll automatically receive an email with a $20 discount code redeemable on purchases over $170. Once they make a purchase, you’ll also receive a $20 discount code that can be used on any purchase (no minimum spend required). Plus, you’ll automatically be signed up to our Dream Club program, so you can start earning rewards on any purchases you make straight away. Refer as many friends as you like, there’s no limit to how many people you can share the dream with.

Why didn’t I earn Bed Creds on my purchase?

Double check you were signed into your Dream Club account and didn’t accidentally check out as a guest. You must be logged in when making purchases to earn Bed Creds. If you have done this in error, contact us at hello@bedthreads.com.au to help apply your Bed Creds to your account. You also won’t receive points if you return your purchase or your purchase is canceled for any reason. Please note that any Bed Creds you earn on a purchase you later return will be deducted from your balance.

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